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Anna/ anya B.

UX Designer (in training) & Visual Artist (illustrations, photography)

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🌍 I am a cosmopolitan and multilingual t-shaped person with a background in artistic, linguistic, and managerial disciplines (i.e. photography, illustration, agile project management, D&I).

✍🏻 In 2018 I had to take a sabbatical period to revise my personal and professional path. I did it by focusing on self-development through study-abroad experiences, volunteering for (, theatre acting, and photography courses.

🔍 I am now excited about the skills I acquired, as well as ready for a new direction in my life. I am a UX Designer in training, knowing my passion for planning, end-to-end creative projects, and an international working environment. Therefore, I am open to job opportunities for the UX Designer position (as well as Researcher, Writer) in the tech, travel, teaching/coaching, art & design industries.

🎯 My long-term vision is to acquire the experience needed to become an Art Director. In the process, my personal mission is to normalize atypical paths and cultural diversity - starting with my peculiar journey - in order to raise further awareness around these areas.

➡️ Extra: INFJ, Dreamer (Adobe Creative Type), Cautious/Dominant (Work DISC Style)

Please note: Anna with an (N) is a way of reclaiming my linguistic and cultural identity as well as heritage, being raised in an Italian-Russian environment.
Padova, Italy


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Visual Artist (Illustrations)

Personal project
Marzo 2020 - Presente
Personal project consisting of planning, ideating, and running illustration exhibitions end-to-end projects that focus on diversity acceptance and inclusion through art (currently available for collaborations in Padua/Italy/Europe). The goal of this broad project is to use my transversal skill set as a creative and to showcase my current works. My long-term vision is to illustrate books and publish my own series of illustrated ebooks. Therefore, I'm open to connecting with editors that work in this field. Check out my articles about the last illustrations exhibit on LinkedIn!

UX Designer in training

Ottobre 2021 - Presente
In the past 3 months I’ve been bridging my background in Foreign Languages & Visual Communication with the new field of Design 🎯 I was so immersed in the “Google UX Design Professional Certificate” course and keen to learn more, that I almost forgot to acknowledge and share all the progress that was made ✊🏻 To get to this point, a lot of determination and time management was required, but I’m satisfied with the process so far. I’m close to the end of this training course, and there will still be much to learn while focusing on accessibility and inclusivity, which is the best way for me to give back to the community and stay true to my values 👩🏻‍🎨👩🏻‍💻 Use the following link to get a sneak peek of my wireframes and mockups for an Art Gallery app on LinkedIn!
Esperienze pregresse
Dooid Magazine
Marzo 2018 - Marzo 2019

Web Content Writing

Marzo 2018 - Marzo 2019