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Nicola C.


Senior Art Director

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Fresh and modern creative person, freelance for 6 years.
Highly specializing in UI/UX & webdesign, layout, photo editing, hand & vector drawing.
Excellent propensity to manage and cooperate with a creative team, problem solving skills,
conception and development based on an all-design approach established over the years.
Tendency to clarity e communicative competitiveness of the completed works; constant update and research of different styles in his own maximum expressions.
Analytical skills of understanding customer needs, with an in-depth look at the market reference and all the excellent creative solutions realized every day all over the world.
Co-founder of the self-produced vjing team: CTRLZ rgb-livedesign, creation and execution of
live performances through the skilful mixing of photo sequences, 2D and 3D animation, cutting video.


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Creative & Art director

Gennaio 2012 - Presente
Esperienze pregresse
Iaki srl
Gennaio 2017 - Giugno 2021

Art director

Gennaio 2017 - Giugno 2021
Lovli srl
Gennaio 2013 - Gennaio 2015

Art director

Gennaio 2013 - Gennaio 2015
Purple Network srl
Gennaio 2017 - Gennaio 1990

Art director

Gennaio 2017 - Gennaio 1990